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National Wine Museum Foundation

The research and development project called “National Wine Museum Foundation” ( has, as its main aim, the construction of a museum network between associations of the field and enterprises. In order to start the project, the “Italiaoncard” association is looking for a team of professionals willing to offer the assistance of a legal figure, who could be the President of the Museum and, at the same time, would allow an interaction aimed at “creating a system”, allowing to manage efficiently and effectively the activities planned. The creation of a team of professionals in order to define a task force aimed to a coordinated action towards the achievement of its goals will represent the start up for a foundation whose headquarter will be in Rome, where the Museum will be realized. Francesco Palmieri with its future partner, will manage the project in its different stages, using its own database and the competencies of the partner. Location The headquarters of the future Foundation and Museum will be located in the center of Rome or Milan (Expo 2015).


The headquarters of the future Foundation and Museum will be located in the center of Rome.

C/A and collection of antique utensils and works of art; it gives a historical and cultural view. These will be the first donations to the museum by Francesco Palmieri.

• Open to the public 8 hours a day, extensible to 18 hours by reservation.

• Cost of the ticket from 2 to 10 Euros.

• Innovative fundraising. Many companies/sponsors take advantage of acting as curators of the museum


The project aims at organizing in the museum many amusement activities, and at building a museum connecting network. Furthermore, it has educational and work development targets. In the Museum it will be possible to see artistic collections, but not only: there will be many other activities concerning the history of the culture of wine, from the planning, to the production and to the marketing.

The visit to the Museum on behalf of the users will be enriched by the tasting of the “Wines of the month”, with sample tastes of typical products, whose cost will be included in the entry ticket. Museum will also be enriched with the fresco paintings of Artistis.

The network is in part already operational on the promotion and information web portal “”, and at the address, directed and founded by Francesco Palmieri. The Museum already has a whole set of sponsors of the project, and receives donations, fiscal reductions and funding (Friend Raising).

The success of the initiative is ensured by the innovation of the offer, but also by the warrantee of the number of visitors in the city of Rome, strategic for its centrality and for the remarkable touristic flows

In 2015 theColosseum and Vatican Museum reached 6 million visitors. Our aim for the first year is to reach 2% of the visits of the Vatican Museum, also thanks to Marketing techniques and strategies and to a team of talents.

Thanks to its profitability, this field can become an important and innovative support instrument to finance research projects, scholarships, aimed at implementing a wider occupational development. We also plan personalized marketing services, in function of the several origins and characteristics of the potential users: as a matter of fact, there are many different kinds of people the project is turned to (tourists, businessmen, but also congress or exhibition organizers, religious institutions, schools, etc.).



" Your Talentum to the Project " The museum, the one and only of its kind, was set up with the aim to preserve and emphasise the importance on the interaction dynamics and productivity of rural traditions teams both economically and socially "spill-over ~ induced economic impact".

Donations to the National Museum of Wine.
• Many companies/sponsors take advantage of acting as curators of the museum.
• We will also appreciate exhibition material.

Contribute financially, or you just want to participate in a more hands-on way.

• We need your help to our project! Thank you in advance" ~ Reason Code for Donation to , current account on HSBC: Bank details - Francesco Palmieri - HSBC Oxford GB - IBAN GB09MIDL40353401751735 - Branch Identifier Code MIDLGB2108P




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